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Please note the Elbum tutorial is temporarily out of stock.

Learn how to make the elbum, a fun and clever album structure

The elbum holds its pages by gripping them into a series of articulated pockets. A treasure of paper engineering, this project is also a great introduction to concertina folding by hand.

  • Level: easy
  • Three languages: French, English, Spanish
  • 52 pages, full colour inkjet printing

  • This project requires a few basic tools and a finishing press
  • A material pack is available for this project at a discounted rate if bought together with the book. Select elbum + materials (Please note the colours of the papers are different than on the photos shown in the tutorial).

'The Elbum tutorial looks amazing. My first impression is the incredible details, the many steps you describe and illustrate. I enjoy following it in my mind and am planning to actually make an Elbum.' - Hedi Kyle -

'Dear Benjamin, your book on the elbum is really very well done, texts and photos are excellent.' - Michel Debar -

'Ben, your latest book was so tempting that I had to start. I have folded the concertina this morning and am so impressed by the precise instructions... And the photographs about how to hold your fingers! It is second best to having a teacher in person. And in some ways even better because you can always go back to the book.'
- Kerstin Engström -


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