Ben Elbel

Stone veneer - Sand



Stone veneer, colour sand.

Who would have thought 100 years ago that binders in the 21st Century would be binding books in stone?

This is now possible with the recent invention of stone veneer, a thin layer of real stone backed with cotton fabric, the product of an almost miraculous process which turns rigid material into a strong and flexible sheet material.

Initially intended for interior decoration, it was Sün Evrard who first introduced it to bookbinding, and Ben has been using it for many years since then, mostly for boxmaking. 

This is a stunningly beautiful material, highly expressive, very unconventional and yet, has a timeless feel to it. Furthermore, it is as easy to work with as bookcloth, it is hard-wearing and ages gracefully.

Not to be confused with imitation stone paper offered by several suppliers! 

Also, beware: there are several thicknesses of real stone veneer on the market for different applications; this is the only one suitable for (fine) bookbinding.

Approximately 0,3 mm thick.
Size sheet: 600 x 600 mm

Please note: this is a natural product so each sheet is unique and the colour/pattern might be different than on the photo.

The sheet of stone veneer will be sent on a roll.