Ben Elbel

Sanding snail

Ben ElbeTreat yourself to the classic snail sanding block from 3M and its large, rounded handle designed for optimal control and comfort.

The underside of the snail is lined with thick white felt onto which to adhere the sandpaper: you can use the self-adhesive sandpaper roll specifically designed for this tool (we are not stocking this yet), or simply cut a piece of sandpaper of the desired grit and glue it down with double sided tape. When the sandpaper is worn, you can peel it off and the tape will magically remain on the sandpaper and not on the felt, meaning you never have to scrub glue residues from the snail.

In addition to this, the felt layer provides just the right kind of give needed for 90% of sanding jobs in bookbinding (there are exceptions when no give is preferable).

We recommend a grit of 100, again, for 90% of sanding jobs.

Made in USA