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Printed tutorial: Dos rapporté binding



Learn how to make a 'Dos rapporté' binding, the hard cover variation of the 'Tue-mouche'. 

The Dos rapporté was born around 2005 from a reflexion on book opening.
The solution adopted is a spine whose edges fold back on themselves, a little bit like a hollow. This allows it to be made off the book, and later attached. Beyond the fact that the books bound this way open well, this spine construction stands out through its clean, stylish shape, and through the quality of the transition to the boards. In this tutorial a version in bookcloth, with signatures sewn on tapes, and tapes laced-in boards. 

After an introduction, an overview and a list of material and equipment, the tutorial describes every step of the construction, with many large full-colour images. The exceptionally detailed 52 page tutorial is inkjet printed in three languages (French, English and Spanish) and hand bound by us in Haarlem.

  • Level: challenging
  • This project requires a few basic tools but no heavy equipment such as presses, guillotines etc
  • A material pack is available for this project at a discounted rate. Select dos rapporté tutorial + material pack from the dropdown menu.

'The tutorial is so well made and thoughtfully done that it cannot be compared to any other instruction set I have used before.' 
- Stepan Chizhov - Read Stepan's full review on:

'When I first looked through the tutorial it looked a bit complicated. But the instructions are - as always - very easy to follow.' - Kerstin Engström -

'It is a wonderful description, very clear to me. Text and photos complement each other perfectly. Beautiful tutorial.'  - Tine Noreille -

'Very clear instructions and helpful photographs, and even though some steps are challenging, I have had an unexpectedly entertaining and productive one and a half day as a result.'  - Paul Garcia -

'It's a magnificent job! I also recommend buying the material pack.' 
- Ingegerd Moell -

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