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Learn how to make the Knitted Boards Binding: a bookbinding project by Marja Wilgenkamp (NL) in which bookbinding meets knitting.

Most hard cover techniques rely on one fundamental operation: covering. What if for once we skipped this operation altogether and used instead a material whose 'naked' appearance is what is appreciated and put forward? In the knitted boards binding, one does not feel the need to add decoration or anything else to the delicate interlacing pattern which results from the knitting process. The material itself is enough, the final object is convincing, both aesthetically and technically and radiates extraordinary beauty and originality.

  • Level: medium-advanced (not suitable for complete beginners)

  • Two languages : French and English
  • 52 pages, full colour inkjet printing
  • No knitting experience needed

  • This project requires the use of a nipping press (alternatively, a pair of planks and four heavy-duty G clamps can be used). 

  • A material pack is available for this project at a discounted rate if bought with the book. Select Knitted Boards Binding tutorial + materials 

  • Useful tools and materials for this project available from us: square, needle holder, flat brush 11mm40mm brush

Below the video of the launch of the Knitted Boards Binding on 21.11.2021.
Benjamin talks with Marja about her background and her creations. 

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