Ben Elbel

Metal folder - Deluxe Edition SOLD OUT


Please note: Because of high demand this limited edition of the metal folder is sold out. If you are interested in a metal folder you can sign up below for the waiting list. If we have enough people interested we might produce a new edition of the metal folder. 


Limited edition metal folder with wooden handle.

Metal folders are a recent addition to the bookbinder's tool kit and are specially designed for scoring. To score means to create an indented line into a material (paper, card, cloth, etc.), in order to facilitate its folding. For accurate work, this line should be as thin as possible, but not to the point of cutting, which would weaken the material. This is exactly what the tip of our metal folders is designed to do.

Scoring is useful in many classic forwarding operations such as endpapering, stub making, etc. but is also widely used in less traditional bookbindings made out of folded card (e.g. tue-mouche, envelope binding), folded bookcloth (the spine of the dos rapporté), for packaging, paper engineering (e.g. the elbum), and many more things.

For this limited edition, we worked with Vietnamese bookbinder and tool maker Tim, who designed the V-shape of the handle, and the blend of materials that makes this product so unique and durable: rosewood for the handles, brass for the rivets, and premium hardened, stainless steel for the 'blades'.

Please note: This item is hand made, and small irregularities which are the hallmark of hand work, are welcome. No two items are the same.

Limited edition of 50 items.