Bookbinding out of the box

Ultimate glue roller - big


This stylish German-made roller has its bracket made of stainless steel (Edelstahl), a rare feature that will delight the lazy binders out there who dread doing the washing at the end of the day. Just leave the roller in the tray (available from all hardware stores), with the glue, and you will be ready to go the next day. If doing so with regular rollers, the steel will rust over time and turn your glue brown.

Other than that, this roller has ergonomic, non-slip, soft handle, an additional treat for our hard-working hands.

We supply it with two short-hair sleeves, a type more suitable for gluing than the foam ones.

Suitable for sleeves with 6mm roller bearings, and 10 to 16cm in length. 

The length of the handle is 29 cm.
Made in Germany.