Dear Bookbinders,

In the past few years we have received requests to supply the tutorials as digital files as opposed to printed booklets. As we always like to listen to your suggestions, we seriously considered the possibility, and after carefully weighing the pros and the cons, we have decided not to go down this route.

Apart from our concerns regarding intellectual property, we are not comfortable with the digital format as we feel that we can’t provide the same value with them as with printed ones. 

With digital files, no more signed copies, hand-written notes, careful wrapping, appreciation for fine paper and fine print, etc, all these things that make the ordering experience so much more than a dry, instantaneous transfer of data bits. 

As far as the shipping is concerned, we know that it can take a long time to reach some countries, but we actually believe this to be added value as well as it increases excitement and expectation. 

Last but not least, we are confident that the value of these booklets will rise in time, especially the first edition ones, and this simply isn’t going to be the case with digital files.

We are aware that this decision goes against the grain of a world that tends to go more and more digital but, after all, we are book people and our mission is to promote what we love and cherish: the tactile, the slow, the physical, in other words, the real.

With our very best regards,

Ben and Kieke