Hi I'm Ben.
Over the last 10 years I have been specialising in boxmaking. I'm talking about boxmaking for books, and specifically bibliophile books (first editions, rare editions old and new). These are fine (read fancy) boxes whose purpose isn't simply to protect but also to enhance precious items.

I discovered that there is a growing tendency to refrain from having books re-bound, because of the concern for the loss of information and authenticity. Keep the original intact But that doesn't mean that book collectors have lost their taste for fancy packaging. As a result there is actually a large demand for fine boxes, and not enough bookbinders to make them.

So I developed a full system of box making which is very high in finishing and at the same time rational and predictable. This is what I want to teach you here. My system has the added benefit that you'll be able to work for any client in the world.

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Good luck!



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