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Book: Crisscross binding - Anne Goy


Crisscross binding

'The Secret Belgian Binding'

This book presents the results of the research by Anne Goy, winner of the first research grant in bookbinding (2010-2011) granted by the Atelier du Livre de Mariemont. Anne Goy developed a technique of which she had already laid the first foundations in 1986. This is the famous 'Secret Belgian Binding', now renamed Crisscross binding in reference to the crossings generated by the sewing thread.

This binding structure is characterized by its three-part cover (the spine and two boards), and the use of thread to join and hinge the separate elements together.

This publication, with its numerous drawings, diagrams and photos, is designed both for beginners who will acquire the basic technique, and for experienced bookbinders who will find new keys to higher refinement and aesthetic possibilities.

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  • Author: Anne Goy
  • Publisher: Esperluète and Atelier du Livre de Mariemont
  • Paperback
  • 80 pages
  • Language: English and French
  • 16,5cm x 23cm x 0,8cm
  • ISBN: 9782359841275

The story of the name...

Anne Goy came up with this structure in the 1980s during her students years at the school of La Cambre (Brussels). She presented it at various occasions: exhibitions, workshops, continued exploring it for a while, then left it off and went on to other areas of research.

Little did she know that in the meantime, her invention was made popular in the USA under the name 'Secret Belgian Binding'. Hedi Kyle, who had learned the structure from a student while teaching a workshop in Ascona in the nineties, had brought it back to the States, where it became a hit. Virtually nothing was known about the true origins of the structure apart from the fact that it came from Belgium...

In 2009, Anne Goy came across her structure on the internet. She was thrilled to see that it had travelled so far and sparked so much interest all around the world.

By winning the first bookbinding research grant in 2010, she got a chance to set the record straight. She renamed the technique Crisscross, and resumed work on this technique at the point where she had left off earlier.

A new paragraph in the story of the Crisscross Binding was written at a meet and greet organised by us in June 2016 in Amsterdam when Hedi Kyle and Anne Goy finally met in real life for the first time.

About Anne Goy

Anne Goy is a bookbinding artist who embraces art, creation and research. She creates innovative work immersed in sobriety and purity. She favours the concept of design and enjoys exploring new materials as well as the notions of volume and space in the book.

She was born in 1958 in Geneva, Switzerland. She studied bookbinding at La Cambre in Brussels and in 1991, she set up her own workshop in Brussels, where she works for bibliophile collectors, as well in the field of artist's books and small publications.

The taste for research and experimentation, which has always guided her work, leads her to explore other artistic practices. Enjoying crossing techniques, she develops from her know-how, original forms and structures which she also applies to jewellery and objects. She is a teacher at the Cambre school in Brussels and exhibits regularly in Belgium and abroad.

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